SPEAK has successfully launched!

SPEAK officially launched as an organization on November 11th, 2017!

In the afternoon, the SPEAK steering committee met with a delegation from KEEP (Korea Exposure and Education Program) to discuss adoptee justice movements in South Korea. It was inspiring to meet with such a diverse group of passionate folks who are fighting hard for social justice in so many important ways, and to discuss how we can work in solidarity moving forward.

SPEAK and KEEP meeting

The SPEAK steering committee at our meeting with KEEP

In the evening, SPEAK held its official launch celebration in Haebangchon. We had an awesome turnout, a successful raffle fundraiser, and a variety of great performances to showcase adoptee voices. We enjoyed the chance to meet adoptees and allies in solidarity, and we look forward to continuing to build relationships with members of our community.

Many thanks to our wonderful host, The Hidden Cellar, and all of the local businesses who generously donated prizes to our raffle: The Hidden Cellar, The Workshop, Linus’ Bama Style Barbecue, Casablanca Sandwicherie, Southside Parlor, Volstead, and Phillies Pub — we greatly appreciate your support!

Many thanks to our amazing performers as well — Laura Wachs, A Collective Effort, Chaelee Dalton, Ben Coz, and Seoul Seekers — for sharing your incredible talents and for speaking/singing/dancing your truth.

Finally, we’d like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who came to our launch event. It was deeply meaningful for us to see so many people from our community come and show their support. We’re excited to keep building solidarity and to work together for adoptee justice!

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