Read & SPEAK Film Screening: “Reiterations of Dissent” (May 11, 2019)


As the first event in our educational series leading up to our program with Jeju Dark Tours (August 24-25, about the 4.3 Uprising and Massacre, SPEAK is screening a film by Jane Jin Kaisen, who was adopted from Jeju to Denmark. Those interested in joining SPEAK on the tour in August are strongly encouraged to attend.

The film screening will be on Saturday, May 11, 2019 at 4:00pm. The film screening is open to the public.

Location: Commons Foundation, 141-8 Itaewon 1(il)-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

About the Film:

78 min. 2011/16
Reiterations of Dissent illuminates the suppressed history and fragmented memories of the Jeju April Third Uprising and Massacre of 1948, which unfolded shortly before the outbreak of the Korean War on South Korea’s Jeju Island, the artist’s birthplace. In a brutal crackdown of a local uprising, state authorities and rightist paramilitary groups, under the auspices of the United States Military Government in Korea, waged a “red hunt” that would unleash genocidal violence upon large parts of the civilian island population. The ideologically charged event was systematically silenced for five decades, and its memory remains contested to the present day…

Mainly told through the second generation of children of victims and survivors who have been engaged in truth and reconciliation efforts around Jeju April Third locally…each video narrative shows a different aspect and a different attempt at approaching the Jeju April Third Massacre as an unstable episode of modern history by presenting a multi-layered archive of experiences, events, and perspectives.

Reiterations of Dissent was awarded the ENTERPRIZE 2011 by Jury Chus Martinez, associate curator at MACBA, Barcelona and co-curator of DOCUMENTA 13; Dirk Luckow, director of Deichtorhallen, Hamburg; Åsa Nacking, director of Lunds Konsthall, Lund, Sweden.”

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