SPEAK is forming a traditional drumming group for overseas adopted Koreans and allies!

We will be workshopping in March over several weekends to learn or practice the basics. It will be held in Anyang, Gyeonggi-do. (Line 4) We would like to know who would be interested. Experienced and new players welcome, no experience necessary. If you don’t have an instrument, contact us about buying or borrowing one.

The participation fee is ₩80,000. This includes the space rental and four lessons with a teacher who is a long-time drumming teacher and activist, and we are renting the practice space from a poongmul group based in Anyang.

The group aims to participate in demonstrations, rallies and events. The Independence Movement heroes, Democracy activists, student leaders, and in the diaspora after the 1992 uprising in Los Angeles, have marched to the rhythms of poongmul. Grown out of farmer’s motivational and festival music, itinerant entertainers, and shamans, poongmul has inspired Koreans around the world as they struggled for justice. Samulnori is its sister performing art, and entertains spectators at events and celebrations.

Message us on Facebook or email us at adoptees.speak@gmail.com if you are interested or have any questions.

[Image Description: Stock photo of a traditional Korean drumming group playing at a protest. The photo focuses on a middle-aged Korean man with short hair looking down at his drum as he plays it. He wears a black and white zip-up shirt, a black cargo vest, red and white gloves, and a red headband. More drummers can be seen behind him, and on the left side of the photo there are many rows of protesters sitting in the street and holding up banners.]


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