2018 Single Mom’s Day 4.5km Walk and Conference

11 May 2018
Single Mom’s Day Conference “Towards a society where unwed mothers can raise their own children!”

Join elected officials, unwed mothers, single parents, people adopted in Korea and overseas, adoptive families, women’s organizations, researchers & scholars, and advocacy groups for children on ‘Adoption Day’.

-Simultaneous Korean/English interpretation available
-Bring ID with you for security screening

Hosts: National Assembly Members: @남인순(민주당), 권미혁(민주당), 서영교(민주당), 김삼화(미래당), 신용현(미래당), 송희경(한국당), 윤종필(한국당) KUMFA; KUMSN: KoRoot; Mindullae: 325KAMRA; SPEAK; KUMFA-Daegu; InTree; Seoul Single Parents’ Support Center; and others.

Sponsors: AQUI Korea; 도시가스공사

Room: 제1소회의실



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